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V00D00 is a logical cross-database replication solution, using open-source philosophy. Stay tuned for more information about new supported platforms.
Of course V00D00 uses REDO mining in order to reverse change vectors to logical DMLs. No Logminer, triggers or other nasty solutions are being used.
Install V00D00 as a physical OS or virtual machine in any away you want - if you can setup secure-enough network from source to V00D00 and from V00D00 to target - you’re covered.
Easy control via website. GUI written in APEX is easy to use and friendly. You don’t need to learn a whole new scripting language just to setup a simple replication.
Open Source Philosophy
We don’t hide our knowledge and you only pay for support.
The rest is free.
Cloud Ready
OK, this is by accident - but virtual appliance architecture brings certain flexibility to implementation in mixed cloud and on-premises solutions.
In a lot of cases you need online logical replication only for cross-database migration - just to reduce downtime. If this is your case - feel free to use V00D00 without any consequences.

VOODOO Architecture

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VOODOO Appliance

Can be deployed on source, targer or on an independent server (virtual machine)

Three levels of authorization for Voodoo users: Administrator, Developer, Operator.
Definition, management and control of Voodoo Replications through a modern web GUI.
Access over http or https - security level depends on your own network configuration best practises.
VOODOO Application
Administration and Control GUI built in Oracle Application Express 18 with Oracle REST Data Service deployed on Apache Tomcat.
VOODOO Repository
Metadata, control and statistics repository developed on Oracle Express Edition.
Source database
Source database (currently supported: Oracle and higher).
Access over TNS protocol, using Oracle Thin Client OCI.
Outbound Server Log Catcher
Python daemon extracting valid redo records from redo stream.
Record Files
Binary files, created by the Log Catcher, containing only redo records valid for parsing and transforming to DMLs
Replication Parser
Python daemon transforming binary record files into DML Files (one DML File is one transaction)
DML Files
Binary files, created by Parser, containing DMLs ready to be applied on target database
Replication Stream Applicator
Python daemon parsing DML Files and applying DMLs on target database
Access over TNS protocol, using Oracle Thin Client OCI (depends on target database vendor)
Target database
Target database (currently supported: Oracle 10g and higher)

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